• Photos Create Memories
    So let Legit Styles help you create yours; bring those captured moments back to life.
  • Talking with love ones
    Hearing your loved one on the other end of the phone is a priceless feeling.
  • Meet a special friend
    Inmate friendships are more common then people think. Meet your special someone today.



Local Numbers



This company has lot's of services for inmates and their family members.

Curtis C. - Marketing Agent Let's Make Something Happen

I didn't have time to mail my daughter pictures of her kids. Now I just text the pictures to Legit Styles and they print and ship them for me.

Tom Sudden - Shop Owner

Legit Styles has the lowest prices I've seen for local calls, now I can talk to my brother for hours.

Jamika H. - Web Designer WoW Me Web Designs